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Francisco Jordano



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Remember 2013

The first HACKED.io

Remember 2013

60 Anniversary of the coronation

... and she is becoming great grandmother

Remember 2013

The year of the change

Remember 2013

The change of the mobile world ...

Remember 2013

The year of the alternatives

Remember 2013

... more than one alternative!

Remember 2013

... the year of Firefox OS

The FirefoxOS road trip

Just two years ago we had this crazy idea

The FirefoxOS road trip

The web now lives in our pocket

The FirefoxOS road trip

Let's create a phone based on Web technologies

The FirefoxOS road trip

Born to make the web a better place

The FirefoxOS road trip

Now it's not a prototype any more

The FirefoxOS road trip

Has been launched in Spain

The FirefoxOS road trip

... and Poland

Hands on Firefox OS

How we do create web apps for Firefox OS?

This sounds familiar

Define your Web App


    "version": "1",
    "name": "Firefox OS Boilerplate App",
    "launch_path": "/Firefox-OS-Boilerplate-App/index.html",
    "description": "Boilerplate Firefox OS app with example use cases to get started",
    "icons": {
        "64": "/Firefox-OS-Boilerplate-App/images/logo64.png",
        "128": "/Firefox-OS-Boilerplate-App/images/logo128.png"
    "developer": {
        "name": "Robert Nyman",
        "url": "http://robertnyman.com"
    "installs_allowed_from": ["*"],
    "default_locale": "en",
    "permissions": {
        "desktop-notification": {
            "description" : "To show notifications"
        "geolocation": {
            "description" : "Marking out user location"


... just that?

Almost! We can choose how to distribute our web apps

Hosted apps: All your files belongs ... to your self

Packaged apps: You pack everything you need on a zip file that lives on the phone

New set of Web APIs

To power you apps, to give you control over new hardware!

Of course to be standarised by W3C

Dialer api

var call = navigator.mozTelephony.dial('555-333-222-666');
call.onconnected = function onConnected(evt) {
	console.log('Better start to speak now');
call.ondisconnected = function onDisconnected(evt) {
	console.log('Call too long, dude, your bill is getting a bit crazy');
call.onerror = function onError(evt) {
	console.log('This is embarrassing');

SMS api

var sms = navigator.mozMobileMessage.send('555-333-222-666', 
	"Mum I'm OK, I finished all the vegies");
sms.onsucces = function onSuccess(evt) {
	console.log('Now your mum can go to sleep happy');
sms.onerror = function onError(evt) {
	console.log('Problems ahead');

Device Storage api

var deviceStorage = navigator.getDeviceStorage('/books');
var request = deviceStorage.get('Gone With The Wind.ebook');
request.onsuccess = function onSuccess(evt) {
	//request.result is an File object ...

var request = deviceStorage.delete('horrible_profile_photo.jpg');
request.onerror = function onError(evt) {
	console.log('Deal with it dude');

Offline/Online detection

Not new but pretty useful on a mobile device

var amIOnline = navigator.onLine;
document.body.addEventListener('offline', function onOffline(evt) {
	alert('Hello dear user, you lost your connection');
document.body.addEventListener('online', function onLine(evt) {
	alert('We are back in business!');

Proximity Sensor

Don't hang up the phone with your beard

window.addEventListener('userproximity', function(event) {
  if (event.near) {
    // let's power off the screen
    navigator.mozPower.screenEnabled = false;
  } else {
    // Otherwise, let's power on the screen
    navigator.mozPower.screenEnabled = true;

Web Activities

Asking for a contact

var activity = new MozActivity({
  name: 'pick',
  data: {
    type: 'webcontacts/contact'
activity.onsuccess = function onSuccess() { 
	var contact = this.result;


(even integrated with user bills in some countries, and now testeable through simulator)

var request = navigator.mozPay([signedJWT1, signedJWTn]);
request.onsuccess = function onSuccess() {
	console.log('Payment succesfully completed \o/');
request.onerror = function onError() {
	console.log('Upps! This is embarrassing');


Integration with Mozilla Persona

var currentUser = 'bob@example.com';

  loggedInUser: currentUser,
  onlogin: function(assertion) {
    console.log('Hello ' + currentUser);
  onlogout: function() {
    console.log('We are alone and devastated');


Desktop Notifications

var notification = createNotification('My App', 'My Message');
notification.onclick = function (){};

Example application


Push Notifications

\o/ Working in version 1.1!!

var req = navigator.push.register();
req.onsuccess = function(e) {
  var endpoint = req.result;
  console.log("New endpoint: " + endpoint );

req.onerror = function(e) {
  console.log("Error getting a new endpoint: " + JSON.stringify(e));

window.navigator.mozSetMessageHandler('push', function(e) {
  console.log('My endpoint is ' + e.pushEndpoint);
  console.log('My new version is ' +  e.version);

Example application


Push Notifications

\o/ Working in version 1.1!!

Lots of new APIS

Track them:



I would start getting my hands on a browser

Preferable Firefox Nightly, but use the one you feel more confortable with.

Where to start?

Take a look to Firefox OS Boilerplate App by Rober Nyman


or @Rumyra's Pocket Kitten


The Firefox OS simulator

Version 4.0

Get the latest version here!


The Web, doesn't have a framework

There are thousands of web frameworks, use your favourite one!

If you want to check the design principles followed in the phone, check http://buildingfirefoxos.com

Even more tools

Thanks to @ladybenko we have the power of modern tools


Even more tools

Screencast of the yeoman generator


Web App Distribution

Again breaking the way the market works

Freedom for the developer and the user

var request = navigator.mozApps.install("http://robnyman.github.com/Firefox-OS-Boilerplate-App/manifest.webapp");
request.onsuccess = function() {
  // great - display a message, or redirect to a launch page
request.onerror = function() {
  // whoops - this.error.name has details

Web App Distribution

But still keeping the traditional model


Thank you!